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A little counterspace for my morning ritual

Last year for Christmas, I received a beautiful teapot from WMF — a German design company that specializes (and has for 150 years) in home pieces, and I love my “Kult” teapot.  It consists of three pieces: a ceramic pot with a drip-free spout, a fine mesh, removable strainer that brews directly into the pot, and a stainless steel, removable cover insulated with felt to keep the tea hot for an hour. 

With my fancy-pants tea pot, I get to try similarly fancy loose leaf teas.  Walking home from the Morgan Library yesterday, when I found my petit fours, I also passed a wonderful store dedicated to tea lovers:  SubtleTea. An oasis in the shadow of the Empire State Building, they have fifty odd flavors of loose leaf teas and you can sample sips of each while you decide what you’d like!

You first decide what time of day you’re going to be sipping (morning, afternoon or evening), what kind of leaf (black, green, rooibos, mate, oolong, etc.), and then flavor.  I drink tea all day, but I already had a decaf version at home, so started with an afternoon tea. I sampled the pomegranate, but it was too tart, and the almond cookies green tea was too taste specific — it wasn’t something I’d want to brew everyday.  I finally settled on Pumpkin Spice (which also happens to be my favorite Starbucks flavor in the autumn).  It’s a black tea base with actual pieces of dried pumpkin, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves, and it’s lightly sweet; definitely a tea I’ll enjoy, regardless of the season!

Thanks for reading and happy drinking! EE


I spent the morning touring the Morgan Library with Conner looking at the Jane Austen exhibit (which was fantastic), and immersion in the world of British class, marriage and wit put me in the mood for high tea, which wouldn’t be complete without a pastry.  I was keeping my eyes peeled for a bakery and I (luckily) bumped into La Delice Pastry Shop a few blocks from my home.  I wish they would have let me take a photo: it was confectionery perfection! Three cases line the walls and in each case are cookies, cupcakes, sheet cakes, pastries, and petit fours. The selection was overwhelming, so I asked the woman at the counter what her favorite is (I like taking recommendations from the counter staff when I feel indecisive), and settled on two petit fours — she gave me her top four flavors, but I know I don’t have the self-control to only eat two today and save the others for later, so I chose two untraditional flavors: maple and berry. It didn’t hurt that they had just finished putting the frosting decorations on the berry: that’s my favorite way to eat any pastry besides chocolate cake — fresh out of the oven!

They were the best accoutrements for an early afternoon tea break! Each petit four had alternating thin layers of cake and ganache/preserves.  The icing on the cake (literally) was a simple flat icing that had just the right amount of sweet to pull it all together!  So pretty and so yummy. A wonderful pick-me-up in the middle of the week.

Thanks for reading and happy eating! EE