As my friends in New York know, I love to play hostess and have people over for dinner.  I also love The Bachelor (yes, I’ll admit it).  So, when I can combine the two: perfection! Last night, in honor of the finale for this season, I made Ina Garten’s Engagement Roast Chicken, but tweaked it just bit by adding mead (honey wine) in lieu of the white white and 2 tablespoons of honey when I deglazed the pan for the sauce.  It was a perfect hint of sweet to match the tang of the lemons.  Thoughts: maybe a little ambitious for a weeknight — we didn’t eat until nearly 9 pm, but the good news is, while the bird roasts, we made red potatoes with rosemary, spinach with garlic, and rolls twisted with mozzarella and bruschetta topping.  It was worth the wait!

For dessert: more citrus. I thought I was getting lemon sorbet from Haagen Dazs, but when we went to scoop it, it was actually ice cream from their new “five” line, and it was very good (a little strange to have creamy, milky texture with that pucker of lemon, but I’ll definitely have another scoop later). 

Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture before we tucked in (it was my first time “carving” anything…it wasn’t a bad first time attempt), but I did get a shot of the whole spread.  Oh, and we’re eating on the coffee table because we couldn’t tear ourselves away from Bachelor drama. A great Monday night.

Thanks for reading and happy eating! EE